"ILEKUN" The Gate to the Truth

Challenge the gods in an exciting Game and play to reveal the truth in a spiritual and mystical journey through Africa

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Enjoy the best adventure game  inspired in Africa, Yoruba & the Orishas

Iborisa and Moyuba came frot the initiation but the rest of their tribe was not there. What has happened? Help both twin sisters through a challenging journey though the dangerous landscapes in Africa. Much more dangerous as Iborisa was born blind. Hopefully, she counts on her sister for help. But Iborisa is much more that shown. She has an special conection to the gods and the spiritual world. This conection will allow her to get the answers from the gods. The answers they needs. But the answer might not not be pleasant.


Face the dangers

Beasts. Hunger. Unbearable heat. Heavy rains. Humidity. Storms. Long distances.  Desert…

Quite hard for anyone. Much harder if you are blind. …Should we go on?

Feel the Emotion

ILEKUN is a  geographical travel. But it is also a travel through emotions. You will be leading two different characters.  They might look equal, but they are not the same person.

Feel the moments, the beautiful environements, the percussion music as a heart beat from Africa.

Track the clues

Watch. With the eyes. Watch with the heart. You will be finding the clues you need. But you must use your senses and your brain to solve the puzzles.

Be aware and believe in the incredible. If you believe, you will see.

Inquire the gods

If you need answers, you must ask. Gods can have them, altough you must deserve  them. The answers may not please you. But you need to know. You have to.

Latest News

Finally,  you can know how ILEKUN is pogressing. Take a look at the posts below.

Nacho Requena showing TGM

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10 July, 2018 2116

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