Month: June 2018

ILEKUN: The gate to the truth

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About Gamelab and networking

As I already mentioned in my previous post, we are (I am) attending Gamelab this week. This event is something I booked long time ago. Now, it might be not the best moment, as we are in a very critical phase. Finishing our website, our logo is still to be finished (you have some clues…
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25 June, 2018 11231

Our new game: how everything began

  As you may know, ILEKUN is the name of our new game. It has a lot to do with Yoruba religion. We have spent two exciting weeks thinking about the concept, the structure, even the name. Working in good mood. We have spent serveral days discussing about what to include and not. We have discarded…
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22 June, 2018 1336