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ILEKUN: The gate to the truth

Nacho Requena showing TGM

GAMEPOLIS: Videogame industry from the South of Spain

Let me tell you how the Gamepolis 2018 was. We started our journey at Sevilla at 7:00 am, Usually I suggest to arrive the day before, but this time we had no budget for it. Nearly the whole team was attending the event, and hotels or Airbnb were out of the budget. For those who…
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23 July, 2018 1550

How (and why) to develop a videogame in one month

  As you may know, Ofiuco Games has been born very recently. We rose from the fusion of two previous existing projects. Consequently, we still have to fine tune the organisation. While working on our big project, ILEKUN, we have decided to take a break for few weeks and do a quick launch for a…
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12 July, 2018 3003

Our new game: how everything began

  As you may know, ILEKUN is the name of our new game. It has a lot to do with Yoruba religion. We have spent two exciting weeks thinking about the concept, the structure, even the name. Working in good mood. We have spent serveral days discussing about what to include and not. We have discarded…
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22 June, 2018 1334